Marie Claire Muse, May 2014

With photographer Merwelene van der Merwe, we had the opportunity to shoot for Marie Claire South Africa. The brief for this shoot was to showcase these nine woman, who are at the top of their respective fields from whom we draw inspiration. We used soft diffused lighting combined with pastel colored tones.

Pretty Yende
Dr. Carol Ann Benn
Jena Dover
Kitty Phetla
Marianne Fassler
Joanne Joseph
Inspirational Woman

The above portraits with the black and white treatment, enhanced the classic beauty. These portraits were printed and hung at the Marie Claire Muse event.

See below the behind the scenes videos featuring interviews with the Muses.

The Team

Production Sharon Becker and Tammy Bailey Photographer Grant McKinlay/Merwelene van der Merwe Photographic Assistant Themba Mokase Production Assistants Nikki Sherman and Nothemba Mkhondo Hair Karen van Wyngaard at Lampost using Evo Make-up Chris Williams for Estee Lauder