All of our web projects are crafted with powerful and relevant design, keeping the end-user in focus.

The Kinetic Leadership Institute is the collaboration of leading experts in the fields of leadership, organisational dynamics, psychology and neuroscience, and safety. They are known globally for their work in the fields of safety, consulting, and leadership development.

Visual Design

By understanding the vision and creative expression of the client, we were able to craft a design that captured the spirit of The Kinetic Leadership Institute. The visual design of the website had subsequently become the foundation from which the additional brand identity elements were developed.

Managed Hosting

The latest stable technologies power The Kinetic Leadership Institute. We have a love for performance and security, and our managed hosting experience brings these two together. We employ technologies that deliver The Kinetic Leadership Institute website to any audience, anywhere in the world, in under three seconds while keeping the property safe from hackers and malicious users.


We married the beautiful design with the industry leading content management platform, WordPress. We build with the end-user experience in mind. In effect, this translated into customizing the WordPress experience for the team at The Kinetic Leadership Institute. By empowering them to facilitate the changes they require to make while maintaining high levels of platform security, we know the website serves not only their customers but their administrative team too.
The Kinetic Leadership Institute approached us to help re-position the expression of their brand identity. CEO and Founder, Brett Solomon had a very particular idea about how his brand should be translated, and guided our team with broad creative inspirations. The biggest challenge was presenting a large amount of detail around their process and services in a manner that looks and feels good to their audience.
We set out to understand the context and background of The Kinetic Leadership Institute. By balancing the needs of the audience and the design expectation of the client, we were able to translate the creative vision Brett felt it into a well designed, yet audience-driven website property.
Increasingly, more and more visitors to websites today no longer visit from their desktop machines. The newly launched web presence of The Kinetic Leadership Institute sports not only a beautiful design on desktop machines, but works just as beautifully on mobile devices, tablets, and large format displays.


Designing for mobile devices doesn’t just stop at being responsive. We also employ technologies that further reduce the filesizes of images and other resources to optimize the experience on devices with slower or expensive data limitations.

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